Busiime Ida Ngambeki

 Busiime Ida Ngambeki


Assistant Professor 


B.S. Smith College, Engineering; PhD Purdue University, Engineering Education 

Prior Appointments


Research Areas

Use of information technology in education and policy  

Key Areas

Cybersecurity Education, Cybersecurity Policy, Social Engineering, Information Technology Ethics, Cybersecurity Workforce Development, Information Technology ethics 

Notable Experience


Notable Awards

Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship

Ross Fellowship

Coulter Scholarship 

Notable Affiliations





Ida Ngambeki is an Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Technology at Purdue University. Ida's research is in understanding how the affordances of information technologies affect individuals' learning and decision-making and the wider policy implications of those choices. Her research investigates the social and psychological factors influencing individuals' cybersecurity choices, how students learn secure programming, how individuals develop an interest in and make-decisions about their careers in STEM and how individuals use information technology to engage in transnational political participation. 

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