Recent CERIAS Partnerships with National Labs, DHS

Wed, December 02, 2020


TracerFIRE was a two-day online event teaching teams of students to investigate multiple advanced persistent threat adversaries in a simulated incident response scenario. Student teams learned cyber forensic techniques through hands-on training and skills challenges. The event was sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories and CERIAS, with participation of students from Purdue University, Norfolk State University, and Prairie View A&M University. For more information, visit:

Industrial Cybersecurity Education and Training Workshop

Idaho National Laboratory (a Strategic Partner of CERIAS) held a virtual workshop to establish standards and impact economic and workforce development. The workshop was designed to integrate stakeholders and practitioners with similar interest in a consolidated framework, develop common views on career pathways in OT cyber security, and map foundational pedagogical paradigms to educate and train workforce. CERIAS’s Ida Ngambeki and Dongyan Xu participated in the event, as panelist and steering committee member, respectively. For more information, visit:

Network of Cybersecurity Tech Institutes

CERIAS has joined the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (and two other Universities) on a $2 million dollar Department of Homeland Security grant to develop a plan for creating a national network of technical institutes focused on cybersecurity. Together, the schools will do research and collaborate in developing a consolidated plan that uses an academic hub-and-spoke model to create a national network of cybersecurity institutes for educating and training people in cybersecurity practices. Purdue’s effort will be led by Profs. Eugene Spafford and Ida Ngambeki. For more information, visit:

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