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Mon, March 14, 2005Call For Papers
Call for Papers

The 5th Annual Digital Forensics Research Workshop

DFRWS 2005

August 17-19, 2005

New Orleans, LA


The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and educators interested in digital forensics.  We welcome the participation of people in industry, government, law enforcement, and academia who are interested in advancing the state of the art in digital forensics by sharing their results, knowledge, and experiences.

Additional information will be posted on the website and the Digital Forensic Science List Server.  Subscription information is available at https://www.dfrws.org/listsrv.


We are looking for research papers, demo proposals, and panel proposals.  Major areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

o     Incident response and live analysis

o     OS, application, and multimedia analysis

o     File system analysis

o     Physical analysis (magnetic, optical, electrostatic, etc.)

o     Memory analysis

o     Network forensics

o     Traceback and attribution

o     Data hiding and recovery

o     Event reconstruction

o     Large-scale investigations

o     Data mining techniques

o     Tool testing and development

o     Legal issues

o     Case studies and trend reports

o     Non-traditional approaches to forensic analysis


Paper, demo, and panel submission deadline:    June 1, 2005

Author notification:                    July 1, 2005

Camera-ready copies due:                August 1, 2005


Papers must be written in English, and should not be longer than 10 single spaced, double column pages.  Authors are encouraged to illustrate the applicability of their work to practical issues. Papers must not significantly duplicate work that has been presented or published elsewhere.

Panel proposals should be one to three pages and clearly describe the topic, its relevance and a list of potential panelists, including brief biographies of the participants.

Proposals for demonstrations of proof of concept and research-based tools are welcome.  Proposals should describe the tool, its relevance to one of the topics listed above, and space/equipment needs (e.g., power, networking, etc.)

Paper submissions must be in PDF format.  Panel and demo proposals can be in either plain text or PDF.  Authors must use electronic submission.  Submission procedures will be posted on the DFRWS website.


Frank Adelstein (ATC-NY)

Brian Carrier (Purdue University)

Eoghan Casey (Digital Evidence)

Dan Kalil (AFRL/IFGB)

Chet Maciag (Air Force Research Lab)

Gary Palmer (Mitre)

Daryl Pfeif (Digital Forensics Solutions)

Golden G. Richard, III (University of New Orleans)

Vassil Roussev (University of New Orleans)

Tom Bacon (Southern Oregon University)

Nicole Beebe (University of Texas at San Antonio)

R. Chandramouli (Stevens University)

Byron Collie (Goldman Sachs)

Dave Dittrich (University of Washington)

Heather Dussault (SUNY IT)

Yun Gao (University of New Orleans)

Warren Harrison (Portland State University)

Robert Hensing (Microsoft)

Chet Hosmer (Wetstone Technology)

Erin Keneally (San Diego Supercomputer Center)

Jesse Kornblum (ManTech Security)

Michael Losavio (University of Louisville)

James Lyle (NIST)

Srinivas Mukkamala (Stevens University)

Gilbert Peterson (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Tim Rains (Microsoft)

Marc Rogers (Purdue University)

Kulesh Shanmugasundaram (Polytechnic University)

Steve Romig (The Ohio State University)

K.P. Subbalakshmi (Stevens University)

Olivier DeVel (Defense Sci. and Tech. Organisation (DSTO), Australia)

Duminda Wijesekera (George Mason University)

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