While there is a great need across public and private sectors for educating and distributing information to the users and administrators of information systems, home users are particularly isolated from awareness and training opportunities in information security. It is our mission at CERIAS to enhance the public's understanding and acceptance of information protection through awareness, training, and education; partnerships with K-12 schools will leverage existing connections to local community life and help to bring a seemingly remote and ignored topic from the classroom to the kitchen table. The three initiatives described below highlight work being done in this area.

Community Awareness Resources

  • Information Security Newsletter Article Series
    The information security newsletter article series is a collection of fifteen short, informative articles intended to quickly explain the major security risks and responsibilities associated with home users and parents.  The articles can be read online or downloaded in PDF format for print.  For K-12 schools, the information security newsletter article series is an effective way to inform parents about the basics of information security.  Our newsletter articles can be included in your school corporation's newsletter to parents, free of charge.

  • Information Security Announcement Series for Principals
    In conjunction with Information Security Awareness Week in April, this series of short reinforcing announcements is a list of short tips for effective information security practices to be read during school announcements either during that week or the entire month. They can be read separately or in some sort of themed weekly format.

  • PTA Presentation: Teaching Your Children to Use the Internet Safely and Responsibly
    This presentation, linked here in the form of a self-instructional document, familiarizes parents with information security issues and introduces the idea of creating a contract with their children to help manage their family's use of the Internet. This contract can help protect families against Internet dangers by helping parents communicate with their children about cyber-ethics, cyber-safety, and cyber-security issues. Creation of the contract can also reduce family conflict concerning Internet use by setting clear guidelines for use and establishing consequences for lack of observance of guidelines. Utilizing the defenses of prevention and collaboration, the Internet Use Contract can enable families to use the Internet safely and responsibly. Delivered by CERIAS personnel experienced in information security issues and in K-12 education, this presentation can be modified to fit any specified time frame from 30 minutes to 2 hours. For more information, or to schedule a presentation, please contact us at k-12@cerias.purdue.edu.