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Discussing the Use of Deception

Systemization, Modeling and Integrating of Deception

Using Deception in Authentication

Deceptive Patching

  • Jeffrey Avery and John Ross Wallrabenstein. Formally modeling deceptive patches using a game-based approach, in Computers & Security, Elsevier, v75 pp 182-190, March 2018. [Paper]
  • Jeff Avery. The Application of Deception to Software Security Patching Purdue University Computer Science, Ph.D. Dissertation and CERIAS TR 2017-03, August 2017. [PhD disseration]
  • Avery, J., & Spafford, E. H. (2017, May). Ghost Patches: Fake Patches for Fake Vulnerabilities. In IFIP International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection (pp. 399-412). Springer, . [Paper].
  • CERIAS Symposium, “Ghost Patches: Faux Patches for Faux Vulnerabilities”, 2017 [Poster]

Deceptive Memory

Dissertations and Theses


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