Standard Compliance of Legacy Biometric Data

Principal Investigator: Stephen Elliott

Over time, government agencies collect a wide variety of face and fingerprint images from individuals. Historically, this data was collected manually, and stored in a filing cabinet, or scanned into a digital format. As agencies implement digital capture technologies, a question remains: what to do with the old data? In this research project, we are analyzing face photographs that have been stored on paper, to examine whether these images are standard compliant. This three year project examined over 48,000 digital and paper-based photographs from the Indiana Department of Correction, with the intent to develop a list of recommendations on how to deal with legacy data. In this academic year, the results of the standard compliance analysis will be published, and available on the website.


Other Faculty:

Students: Greg Hales Jonathan Hight Kevin O'Conner Nate Price Evan Trinny

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