Complex Networks and Systems Resilience Against Disruption Propagation

Principal Investigator: Shimon Nof

The modern critical infrastructure includes complex networks and systems such as computer information networks, supply chains and networks, power supply networks, and water supply networks. These complex systems consist of many subsystems and components that are highly interconnected and interdependent. This means a disruption occurring in one part of a network will propagate their impacts to the connected parts, quickly cascading out-of-control unless properly responded to, through prevention, detection, and/or response. To address this challenge of complex networks and systems resilience against disruption, the following three converging lines of researches are conducted: (1) Supply Network Resilience; (2) Cyber-Physical Systems Security; (3) Collaborative Response to Disruption Propagation. Line (1) develops teaming and collaboration protocols to improve resilience in supply networks. Line (2) develops dynamic response collaboration protocols to tackle disruption propagation in cyber-physical systems. Line (3) unifies the different problem contexts and domains into a framework to allow analogical reasoning and knowledge sharing.


Students: Win Nguyen

Representative Publications

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Keywords: disruption propagation, disruption response, resilience