Coast Guard Search and Rescue Visual Analytics (cgSARVA)

Principal Investigator: David Ebert

cgSARVA is a vital component for analyzing and assessing operational efficiencies of different Coast Guard missions
across the United States. The system aids with the risk assessment of potential resourcing changes. The analyst is able to understand the
distribution of incidents, the risks, and the benefits involved with the reallocation or reduction of resources. The cgSARVA system features
include linked calendar and line graph views for analyzing data patterns and distributions. It also includes interactive filter controls for assessing case distribution loads and locations, as well as density estimation for hotspot generation, linked time slider controls for interactive temporal animation and exploration, and interactive statistical summary tools for report generation.

cgSARVA is deployed and in use by the United States Coast Guard. cgSARVA was used successfully by the United States Coast Guard to right-size the USCG resources in the Great Lakes region, and it was used to avoid resource relocation costs following Super Storm Sandy along the eastern seaboard. It is the first DHS COE tool accredited for use by the USCG.