Adversarial Attacks to Distributed Voltage Control in Power Distribution Networks with Distributed Energy Resources

Principal Investigator: Xiaojun Lin

It has been recently proposed that the reactive power injection of distributed energy resources (DERs) can be used to regulate the voltage across the power distribution network, and simple distributed control laws have been recently developed in the literature for performing such distributed Volt/VAR control. However, enabling the reactive-power injection capability of DERs also opens the door for potential adversarial attacks. Specifically, the adversary can compromise a subset of the DERs and use their reactive power to disrupt the voltage profile across the distribution network. Thus, there is a pressing need to study the potential damage (in terms of the voltage disruption) of such adversarial attacks and how to mitigate the damage by properly system design. 


Students: Peizhong Ju

Representative Publications

  • Peizhong Ju, and Xiaojun Lin, "Adversarial Attacks to Distributed Voltage Control in Power Distribution Networks with DERs,'' in ACM
    e-Energy, Karlsruhe, Germany, June 2018.

Keywords: adversarial attacks, cyber-physical security, distributed energy resources, VAR, voltage control