Keynote Speakers

Lance Hoffman - From Walk-Through Computers to Implantable Computers: Lessons Learned about Security and Privacy

Carl Landwehr - Research Challenges in Cyber Trust

Demos and Presentations

Bharat Bhargava - Detecting service violation in Internet and mobile ad hoc networks

Chris Clifton - Secure Distributed Data Mining

Melissa Dark - CERIAS Education Strategies

Gregg Gunsch - Outsourcing Information Technology and the Insider Threat

Kihong Park - Scalable Denial of Service Attack Prevention on the Internet

Erika Shehan, Ed Finkler and Pascal Meunier - INFORMS: Matching Faculty, Students, and Industry for Grants, Internships, Assistantships, Fellowships, and other opportunities with the CERIAS INFORMS system

Nina Tang and Pascal Meunier - Demo of ELISA: Enterprise Level Information System Assurance

Panel Presentations

Gregg Gunsch - Air Force Institute of Technology