The Joke's On You

Introduction to Internet Hoaxes

Did you really think Bill Gates was going to send you that $800? Or have you been too busy on the lookout for guys in mall parking lots that want you to test some of their "perfume" ? Either way, it's all a hoax! This scavenger hunt will familiarize you with various Internet hoaxes and give you a look inside to some details regarding them.

Good Luck- and there's a prize at the end!!!!!!

 According to the following site: What is a hoax anyway??

 From the list on the site listed below, which hoaxes have you received in your email?

 Go to You are going to look at the Cancer Chain Letter Hoax. According to this letter, how much does the American Cancer Society going to give fore each time you forward this letter?

 Do you have any idea what makes a successful hoax? Go to to confirm your answers. ( Hint: Look under the section that tells you how to spot a hoax.)

 Finally: why must people keep sending these???? Go to and see what they have to say about it in the section on what to about them.


You are well on your way to identifying hoaxes!

So- now you've finished the hunt. Waiting for your prize? Well, if you learned anything….it's all just a hoax. Sorry- Did you fall for it?