kid safe                                 Privacy Scavenger Hunt                k-12 pic

1.  Go to the web site:   and click on the link along the left side of the web page called Just for Kids.  What are three personal items that you should never give out over the internet?

2.  Go to the web site:  and click on tip #5.  What does tip #5 say?

3.  Go to the web site:  and describe what rule # 3 says.  

4.  Go to the web site:    click on the start link below the puzzle.  Click on Privacy Falls.  Follow Mickey and Minnie through the game.  Should you tell your online friends the name of your school?

5.  Go to the web site:  and click on the Safe Surfing Quiz link near the bottom of the page.  On the next page, click on the Yahooligans! Safe Surfing Quiz! link.  Follow the quiz through to the end.  What is the answer to question #7 regarding pictures of you on the internet?