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Robert John Churchill, AuthMan
Abstract: "Authentication Manager" (AuthMan) version 1.0.8" implements Kerberos v4 for Apple's Macintosh.

Gary B. Edstrom, PGP
Abstract: PGP is a program that gives your electronic mail something that it otherwise doesn't have: Privacy. It does this by encrypting your mail so that nobody but the intended person can read it. When encrypted, the message looks like a meaningless jumble of random characters. PGP has proven itself quite capable of resisting even the most sophisticated forms of analysis aimed at reading the encrypted text.

J S Greenfield, AutoLock 1.5
Abstract: AutoLock is a small application intended to alleviate some problems associated with running children's applications (games, etc.) under the System 7 Finder. AutoLock can help to prevent small children from accidentally sending a game to the background. In addition, AutoLock can salvage many old (but good!) games that are virtually impossible to use under System 7.

Unknown, Crypto1.23
Abstract: Plug in a invertable matrix into the "encrypt" boxes, and then you'll be able to transform a line of letters/words into indecipherable gibberish. Saves/loads text from a file too. Several bug fixes in version 1.2.3

Unknown, Cryptogram1.01
Abstract: Encryption program to ensure private communications.

Lance Cotton, Code-Programs
Abstract: This program contains two programs, EnCodeIt and DeCodeIt. These programs encode and decode up to 512 characters of text, respectively. The files are stored in an internal format and are not readable by text proccessors.

Unknown, Delete
Abstract: This program delete a file and zero it, making it permanently unrecoverable; useful for security reasons.

Unknown, Des
Abstract: This program encodes and decodes files using the Data Encryption Standard (DES). Will encode both data and resource forks.

Aaron Bell, Sheedee, ElvisV.99.sit.hqx
Abstract: This program allow you use your Official Electronic Elvis Secret Decoder Ring to encrypt and decrypt secret messages with another Elvis fan!

Mike Waston, Enigma2.4.sit
Abstract: Partial version of the NSA developed Data Encryption Standard that is the standard for commercial encryption; a fuller version with heavier security is available from the author. Fat Binary for 68K and PowerPC Macintoshes. Requires System 7.

Unknown, Findersfinger1.0
Abstract: This program set all your copyrighted applications to invisible (using ResEdit or any favorite Finder-bit-changer) and this little app/Hypercard stack combo will keep people from finding and copying the files they're only supposed to be using.

Josh A. Goldfoot, Flame-file-138.hqx
Abstract: FlameFile is a freeware complete-delete program; drag your files or folders onto the FlameFile icon, and they will be erased in a way that no one can ever get access to them again. Completely erase files and folders, and disks. Fight against snoops with "un-delete" utilities that which can read files even after you've emptied the Trash. Requires System 7.

Unknown, Flopyunlock1.01
Abstract: This program use the software lock/unlock feature of floppies.

Aeze Bell, LastStartupv1.0.sit.hqx
Abstract: Last Startup is a small utility who's purpose is to serve as a simple watchdog. Every startup the program will put up a window telling you the time of your computer's last restart. This can be handy on communicating to you if an unauthorized individual accessed your Mac at some time when you weren't around, whether it be your office's janitor at midnight or a snoopy arch enemy during lunchtime.

Michael A Black, Crypt-O
Abstract: This utility encrypts and saves files in either binary or ascii using keys that you (or the Mac randomly) defines. Also has an option to "shred" files you want to overwrite (totally trash).

Chris Owen, LogIn 2.1--Password and log keeping utility-shareware
Abstract: LogIn is a multi-user password and log keeping program for the mac. It can be used by up to 20 users each with their own password. LogIn keeps a log of all logins as well as unsucessfull login attempts.

J. Clarke Stevens, MacEncrypt 2.0
Abstract: MacEncrypt 2.0 is a major upgrade to MacEncrypt 1.01, the drag and drop encryption program for the Macintosh. MacEncrypt will allow you to encrypt files using the "Data Encryption Standard." Encrypted files can only be used if you know the password. Groups of files can also be encrypted into an encrypted archive. MacEncrypt can be placed on the desktop next to the trash can and files can simply be dropped on top of it to be encrypted.

David P Faust, Obliterate 1.1
Abstract: bliterate, a drag-and-drop utilitiy (Drop Rob-Box), deletes all files and folders with an optional shredding facility to make files totallyunrecoverable. All directories dragged into this drop box are scanned, so you can throw in sets of files, folders or even disks, or any combination of the three. You no longer have to go through the pain of selecting Empty Trash all the time. This Drop Box requires Apple Events and thus System 7.0 or higher.

Rohan G. Cook, Power Lock3.5
Abstract: PowerLock is the "front door" to your Macintosh. It is an easy to use start up application that can be completely configured and customised to suit your own personal needs. PowerLock started out as a start up security application, and this remains its major task. However, through AddOn Technology, PowerLock can become much more. Included with PowerLock are sixteen AddOns that provide new features ranging from extra security features, to VoiceMail capabilities.

Benjamin A. Vogler, Privacy-for-Pals-15.hqx
Abstract: This program encrypt files with a (possibly different) user-definable key for each.

Trevden(, Prophylaxis Plus 1.1
Abstract: This program force the user to enter a password upon startup of the Mac; the only way to bypass it is to startup from a different System file.

Ray Archelian, Rot-13 Clipboard and Drop In File for Macs
Abstract: This program convert the current clipboard into a ROT-13'ed version, or vice versa. Also works with drag-and-dropped files. This program is useful for all Macintosh users who communicate on the internet and would like to be able to view/post ROT-13'ed messages.

Dwight Lemke, MacUser Security 1.1
Abstract: This program uses three ways to protect your files: toggle the invisible bit, encrypt the file using DES encoding, or completely erase it by overwriting it with zeroes.

David Davies-Payne, SoftLock 1.5
Abstract: SoftLock is a Macintosh utility that enables you to write-protect a disk in software alone. The software lock is part of the Macintosh operating system, and is analogous to sliding the write-protect tab on a floppy disk. SoftLock allows you to lock and unlock disks easily.

Christopher Eliot, StartupLog
Abstract: This tiny application simply writes a line with the date and time to a file. You can put an alias to this application into your startup items folder if you want a record of when your mac is started.

Romana Machado, Stego 1.0a2
Abstract: Stego is a tool that enables you to embed data in, and retrieve data from, Macintosh PICT format files, without changing the appearance or size of the PICT file. Though its effect is visually undetectable, do not expect cryptographic security from Stego. Be aware that anyone with a copy of Stego can retrieve your data from your PICT file. Stego can be used as an "envelope" to hide a _previously encrypted_ data file in a PICT file, making it much less likely to be detected.

Tom Scott, Tonto
Abstract: Tonto provides a way to hide applications from the casual user. You configure a copy of Tonto for each application you wish to hide and then you make the application invisible (using ResEdit, for example). Tonto itself remains visible, with the application's icon. You rename each copy of Tonto to match its original application's name. If the original application is in the same folder as Tonto, you will need to change Tonto's name slightly. For example, if the application were "Microsoft Word", you might rename Tonto to "Microsoft Word 4.0".

Geoff Keating, Checksummer 1.0.0
Abstract: Checksummer is a utility designed to automate the process of inserting virusPdetection code into programs; and to allow users of applications that do not already have such code to include it, in a reasonably userPfriendly manner. Adds a checksum (and code to check the checksum) to almost any program. A way to check the spread of viruses, but not compatible with everything.

Jason Haines, Delete MerryXmas
Abstract: Delete MerryXmas 1.0 is a HyperCard stack that will check your stacks for the MerryXmas HyperCard virus. It can also install protection into your Home stack to detect and remove the MerryXmas virus automatically. Most (if not all) virus protection programs cannot detect this virus. An excellent virus removal utility. This is a must have. Removes all currently known viruses (4/94) such as the Init-29 B strain and the Italian INIT 9403 virus. Includes built-in installer for a virus-detecting extension.

Chall Fry, CPAV Antidotes
Abstract: Virus definitions that allow Central Point's MacTools version 2.0 to recognize the MBDF-B and CODE-1 viruses.

Larry Taylor, "Merry Xmas" Killer
Abstract: This program eliminate a script-based virus called "merryxmas." Requires HyperCard 2.0, anyone with HyperCard download this file. It will scan your stacks for Merry Christmas and permanently zap it. Although small (less than 12K) it does its job very efficiently.

Bill Swagerty, Merryxmas Vaccine
Abstract: Merryxmas Vaccine is a Hypercard stack that detects and eliminates the "merryxmas" Hypercard virus from Hypercard stacks. Requires HyperCard 2.1.

Ken Dunham, MerryxmasWatcher1.0
Abstract: This program was created by request for HyperCard users that are frustrated with the merryxmas virus. MerryxmasWatcher1.0 is a very comprehensive, user friendly stack that does the following... a) Erradicates the virus from your Home stack b) Innoculates your Home stack against further infection c) Watches for possible infected stacks and gives you options to take care of the virus if one passes by your way.

Frederic, INIT 17 Vaccine for Rival
Abstract: Virus definitions that allow Central Point's Rival Anti-Virus program to recognize and neutralize the INIT 17 virus.

Frederic, Central Point AntiViru
Abstract: Virus definitions that allow Central Point's Rival Anti-Virus program to recognize and neutralize viruses up to the CPro1.41 trojan.

William Homer Waits, SAM Install Scripts 1.2
Abstract: Alternate installer scripts for SAM that will install it even if you have replaced the original Virus Definition file on the master disks. These scripts only recognize, the Virus Definitions file on the Decontamination Disk, so make sure that is where you place your updated Definition file. Also, it you are using System 7 or greater, SAM* Intercept and SAM* Intercept Jr. are both placed in the Extensions Folder.

Alan Coopersmith, Virex 3.x Virus Definitions
Abstract: This file lists viruses detected by all versions of Virex since 1.0. It also lists UDV codes for viruses discovered since version 3.5. The list came from the Datawatch forum on America Online.

Jeffrey Shulman, VD 5.0.6 Search Strings
Abstract: Virus definitions that allow Virus Detective to recognize and neutralize viruses up to the T4 virus and ChinaTalk trojan.If you already have VirusDetective 5.0.x, you need only download this file to update to 5.0.6 status.


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