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Bob Tinsley, Crack 5.0 for NT (A related WWW homepage exists for this item)
Keywords: Crack, Windows NT, password cracker
Abstract: This is a patch for Alec Muffett's Crack 5.0 to work on NT's DES and MD4-based hash algorithms. Includes a short README, the patch itself, source code for crypt_lanman and crypt_ntpass (a la Unix's crypt(3)) and self-test routines, script/code to skip case-conversion in Crack's rulesets, and scripts to convert from pwdump's output to Crack's own internal format. Also included are pwdump and NTcrack (on which this work is based). To use this software, you will need a shell account on a Unix box, and Crack 5.0.,, L0phtcrack (A related WWW homepage exists for this item)
Keywords: Windows NT, password insecurities, LANMAN, MD4 plaintext password
Abstract: This program recovers the LANMAN and/or NT Dialect MD4 plaintext password from output derived from the SAM registry

Secure Networks Inc., NTCrack (A related WWW homepage exists for this item)
Keywords: NT security, crack passwords, PWDump
Abstract: NTCrack is a program designed to crack Windows NT passwords offline. It presumes that these passwords have been grabbed using Jeremy Allison's PWDump utility.


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