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Purdue University, Purdue Access to Records Policies
Abstract: Disclosure Of University Records: Procedures For Use In Connection With The "Access To Public Records" Law, And In Response To Third-Party Subpoenas.

Purdue University, Purdue-FERPA
Abstract: A open letter to all Purdue University students and staff concerning University policy regarding the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974" (as Amended).

Purdue University, Purdue Data Ownership
Abstract: A letter to Deans, directors,and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments, and Offices, and Regional Campus Chancellors, concerning the Security of data on the administrative data processing center's computing equipment.

Sally Hambridge, Jeffrey C. Sedayao, Horses and Barn Doors: Evolution of Corporate Guidelines for Internet Usage
Abstract: Intel's Internet usage policy evolved from practically non-existent to explicitly defined - all in reaction to changing conditions and security threats. This paper covers the evolution of Intel Internet access policy, a continual struggle to close the barn doors before the horses get out . Throughout the paper, it outline key lessons author have learned during the policy-making process. It discusses Intel's first taste of the Internet, Intel's policy-making process, the open access policy of that period, and the resulting security challenges. It then covers the imposition of a stricter policy and implementing a firewall to enforce that policy The paper proceeds to describe today's problems, the majority of which center around Intel people accessing the Internet. In response to this problem and growing numbers of people wanting to use the Internet, Intel has drawn up explicit corporate guidelines on Internet use. These guidelines are then compared to various Acceptable Use Policies and Netiquette guides. The paper concludes with some additional tasks Intel is planning in order to keep the barn doors closed .


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