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The Crypt Cabal, Cryptography FAQ - Overview
Abstract: This directory contains ten parts of the sci.crypt FAQ. The parts are mostly independent, but you should read this part before the rest. These document is the product of the Crypt Cabal, a secret society. It contains FAQ on Net Etiquette, Basic Cryptology, Mathematical Cryptology , Product ciphers, Public-Key Cryptography, Digital Signatures and Hash Functions, Technical Miscellany, and Other Miscellany.

CERT Coordination Center, The CERT Coordination Center FAQ
Abstract: This document is intended to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the CERT Coordination Center.

Larry Loen, Crytography FAQ
Abstract: This is an attempt to answer many basic questions in hope of providing a lot of the benefit of a FAQ without the burden of being a complete answer to all relevant questions. There is no desire or attempt to replace the other group's work; this is more of a stopgap. However, beginners should find this very helpful.

Paul Fahn, Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Today's Cryptography
Abstract: Paul Fahn's FAQ answers some of the most frequently asked questions about cryptography today, including questions about authentication, encryption, public-key cryptography, export restrictions, RSA, DES, Key Management, Digital Time stamping, PEM, and much, much more., Internet Firewalls Frequently Asked Questions
Abstract: A firewall is any one of several ways of protecting one network from another untrusted network. This document is intended to answer the FAQ about Firewalls.

L. Detweiler, Anonymity on the Internet FAQ
Abstract: This directory contains fours parts of FAQ of anonymity on the Internet.

Alec Muffett, Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Security
Abstract: This document is meant to answer some of the questions which regularly appear in the Usenet newsgroups "" and "", and is meant to provide some background to the subject for newcomers to that newsgroup.

Ron Kuris, Frequently Asked Questions about Socks
Abstract: SOCKS is a package that allows hosts behind a firewall to gain full access to the internet without requiring direct IP reachability. It works by redirecting requests to talk to internet sites to a server, who authorizes the connection and passes data back and forth. David Koblas is the original author. This document is intended to answer the FAQ about SOCKS.

Trusted Information Systems, TIS/PEM FAQ
Abstract: FAQ of Trusted Information System's TIS and Privacy Enhanced Mail(PEM).

Kenneth R. van Wyk, Frequently Asked Questions on VIRUS-L/comp.virus
Abstract: This document is intended to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about computer viruses. As you can see, there are many of them! If you are desperately seeking help after recently discovering what appears to be a virus on your computer, consider skimming through sections A and B to learn the essential jargon, then concentrate on section C.

Rich Graves, Win95 Net Bugs FAQs (A related WWW homepage exists for this item)
Keywords: win95, network, bugs, faq
Abstract: FAQ concerning problems you might encounter with Win95's networking features after you have set everything up according to the directions, such as they are.


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