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National Computer Security Center, Trusted Product Evaluation Questionnaire
Abstract: The Trusted Product Evaluation Questionnaire is the latest in a series of technical documents that are being published by the National Computer Security Center under the Technical Guidelines Programs. The specific questions in the Trusted Product Evaluation Questionnaire provide a set of good practices related to necessary system security and system security documentation. This questionnaire has been written to help the vendor understand what technical information is required concerning the system for a product evaluation. From the vendor's responses, the evaluator may obtain an understanding of the security of the system applying for evaluation.

National Computer Security Center, Trusted Product Evaluation Program
Abstract: This publication describes procedures for interacting with the National Security Agency's Information Security Organization as related to the Trusted Product Evaluation Program within the National Computer Security Center. It provides the information needed to submit a computer product for technical security evaluation and outlines the National Security Agency's responsibilities for positive, timely acknowledgements. This publication specifically covers the National Computer Security Center's relationship with vendors of proposed trusted computer products from the initial contact with the vendor through the completion of the security evaluation process and follow-on programs.


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