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SEAL Consulting Services, Screening External Access Link(SEAL) Introductory Guide
Abstract: Introduction guide to SEAL.SEAL is short for Screening External Access Link, it is a system of computer hardware and software configured to provide a highly serviceable link between a private network and an internet another network that is not necessarily trusted. The SEAL consists of three systems, known as gatekeeper, gate and mailgate.

Roger E. Masse, An Internet Firewall
Abstract: The slide files about Internet, shown a world-wide network of machines that speak TCP/IP, the Internet mail, source of machines, routing policy, SEAL, authentication and logging, etc.

SEAL Consulting Services, Information Technology Consulting Services
Abstract: Service description of SEAL, topics including SEAL orientation, network routing implementation, name-server implementation, system logging, packet screen software implementation, etc.

Raptor Systems Inc, Eagle Network Security Management System
Abstract: TheEagle Network Security Management Systemtmis a suite of software prod- ucts that resides between your local-area-network (LAN) and another network. Theother network can be the outside world (i.e., the Internet) or another of your own LAN's, local or remote. TheEagleis designed to isolate one network from another, allowing only those connections and services that are permitted. TheEaglecan detect suspicious activity (as you define it) and alert you through a fax, pager, electronic mail or audible alarm. TheEaglet Subnet Partitionertmis designed to work with theEagleto compartmen- talize important intranet workgroups or sub-LANS, offering them the same protection that Eagle provides.

Unknown, Enigma Logic
Abstract: This directory contains full-motion video tutorials promoting Enigma Logic products. These can be viewed on any IBM PC that is equipped with VGA (Some require 500K of free RAM or thereabouts).


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