The IAEGCP is a rewarding, unique experience due to the nature of the requirements and the amount of time spent on campus. Read what the first year participants had to say about the program: "I got several ideas from colleagues about courses - not just in security. Developing relationships with others in the cohort group was invaluable." "I believe the NSA has spent their money well. I believe everyone will carry security home to their institution and integrate it into their curriculum." "The intense nature and duration of the program is more likely to produce long lasting results than a simple workshop." "The program has given me knowledge, interest, confidence, and contacts in information security." "I learned about security and information assurance much more effectively than I could have otherwise learned. Having been forced to focus for two months, my personal commitment to information security is much higher than it would have been otherwise." "The contacts I have made at both a peer and expert level are going to be beneficial for years to come." "I could not have understood the complexities of IA enough to plan and implement my institutional program without this summer experience." "I couldn't have completed the course if not for the collaboration among colleagues." "Our instructors were very effective and I liked their style very much. Somehow, the next generation of participants should know that they will be "drinking water from a firehose" and prepare themselves by taking the preliminary reading seriously!" "The learning tools were excellent and made a big difference in our success in the program." "The best/most productive aspects of the program? Learning. Lots of learning. IAS is a fascinating field and the multidisciplinary aspects make it more exciting." "What an excellent idea. This program provided substance and an extremely effective learning experience in the fields of IAS. I have not only learned great information but I am also retaining it. This program is put together realizing all aspects of IAS education: content, curriculum design, and information sharing. The best aspects of the program were the opportunity to work with the enthusiastic sponsors, instructors, and colleagues, the opportunity to meet and learn from the experts, and the amount of growth I have experienced." "I would tell future program participants that they won't have time for more than one trip home; in fact, tell them not to schedule other deliverables during the summer. They will be totally focused on program activities, and they will not have time for other things." "You are doing an excellent job. Thank you!" "This experience was one of a kind. I found the faculty and staff at Purdue to be first class. It's hard to express the appreciation I feel being given the opportunity to attend. The time spent this summer is already paying off." "I met some very interesting people. But more than that I made a few new friends in the field I enjoy to teach. It just doesn't get any better than that."