Participants in the Computer Technology Track of the Information Assurance Education Graduate Certificate Program (IAEGCP) will take 6 credit hours in computer technology, 3 credit hours in computer science, and 2 credit hours in curriculum and instruction; all courses are taught by information assurance experts. Because the program is condensed into an 8-week period, coursework will be intense. Participants will be expected to do independent reading for each class before the program begins. Participants who successfully complete the requirements of the program will receive a graduate certificate from the Department of Computer Technology, as well as a certificate from CERIAS.


CPT 555 Network Security
This course will cover conceptual and technological aspects of network security for voice and data networks. The course will deal with the analysis, design, implementation and management issues surrounding effective network security. Technology research and presentation of research results as well as security technology implementation will be required course outcomes.
CS 526 Information Security
Basic notions of confidentiality, integrity, availability; authentication models; protection models; security kernels; secure programming; audit; intrusion detection and response; operational security issues; physical security issues; personnel security; policy formation and enforcement; access controls; information flow; legal and social issues; identification and authentication in local and distributed systems; classification and trust modeling; risk assessment.

EDCI 590 Design and Development of Instructional Materials and Resources
Instructional skills development; instructional analysis; instructional strategies; producing implementing, and testing instructional materials, labs, case studies, and problems; formative and summative evaluation; curriculum development; and curriculum scope and sequence.

TECH 581 Digital Forensics
This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of computer forensics and cyber-crime scene analysis. The various laws and regulations dealing with computer forensic analysis will be discussed. Students will be introduced to the emerging international standards for computer forensic analysis, as well as a formal methodology for conducting computer forensic investigations.


Faculty participants need to have or secure the following prerequisites: CS 503 Operating Systems