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"I wanted to take a few minutes to describe to you in person what we intend to accomplish with the Information Assurance Education graduate certificate program for faculty. My reasons for providing this overview are to help you determine if this program is something that you are interested in prior to applying. If you are not interested after viewing this video and reading the associated materials on the website, then you can save yourself the time of applying. If you are interested in applying, the materials presented here should assist you in formulating more specific goals and objectives for what you want to accomplish on your campus. I encourage you to articulate your goals and objectives in your application package to make your application more viable.

"As you may be aware, there is a critical shortage of skilled information assurance professionals in the workforce - this is true across several industry sectors including government, education, telecommunications, finance, health care, energy, and so on. This problem is further exaggerated by the fact that we do not have enough colleges and universities educating professionals to meet the workforce need. This project is specifically aimed at building the capacity of our college and university system nationwide so that collectively our institutions of higher learning can offer courses and programs that prepare students for jobs in information assurance and security.

"A main emphasis of our project is faculty development. Our faculty development program has two main goals: the first is giving faculty expertise in information assurance and security - detailed information on the faculty development program of study is on the website. The second outcome of the faculty development program is the development of pedagogical knowledge and skills that faculty need to implement IA courses and modules into their academic programs. Faculty who participate in this program will spend considerable time developing instructional materials that they can take back to their home institutions and utilize. The materials that are developed will be peer-reviewed for accuracy, reusability, shareability, and so on. The point is that not only will you leave with the materials that you developed, but as we work to develop materials that are reusable and shareable, you will leave with access to a library of materials that includes the materials developed by the faculty mentors and the other participants in the program.

"There are also a variety of extra-curricular activities that are planned as a part of the program. You will get an opportunity to benchmark our K12 outreach programs, spec out our labs, work with faculty and hardware and software vendors to identify mechanisms for building a security lab, learn about national initiatives such as Cybercorp/Scholarships for Service, and so on.

"In short, our goal is to try to give you a variety of tools and resources to accelerate the rate at which you can develop your institutional capacity and start educating information assurance and security professionals. I would be happy to answers questions you might have about the program. You can use the contact information below this video to contact me."