We are not Accepting Applications at this Time

Go to Select the first link entitled: Electronic Application for Admission (via a secured server) Select the link entitled: Create New Application Select: West Lafayette Main Campus in the drop down menu Select Technology as the Graduate Program Select "Continue" at the bottom of the page Complete the Purdue University Application for Graduate Studies at West Lafayette (Main Campus) in Technology
We are currently not accepting applications. In the field entitled Enrollment Objective, please select Certificate Program. The name of the Certificate Program is Information Assurance Education. Under Professor with whom you would like to study, please specify Melissa Dark. Under recommendations, please specify persons at your institution from whom you will seek support and support letters. Please leave all selections blank under the Appointments section. Please leave the Recruitment Programs section blank. Please fill out the Address information completely. You may leave the Test Scores section blank. Please complete the Postsecondary Education and Employment sections completely. Please complete the Fee Information and Signature sections completely.

Applying to the Information Assurance Education Certificate Program

Application Deadline
We are not accepting applications at this time.

Letters of Recommendation
We require two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should provide evidence of faculty status, evidence of faculty collaborative ability, and address the faculty member's and institution's interest and commitment to IA education (see Admission Requirements and Other Admission Considerations). Please ask the recommenders to include a very brief description of their qualifications for writing the letter and their full business address (the space provided is inadequate) and to seal their recommendation in an envelope, sign across the seal, and give you the envelope to include with the other materials that you must send us. Recommenders who prefer to send their recommendations directly to us may do so.

Statement of Purpose
Your statement of purpose should be clear, orderly, concise, and literate. It should not be longer than two pages. Your name should appear at the top.

The statement should cover the following topics, clearly identified, in the order given. Your reasons for applying to this program. Your interests, if you are interested in specific areas. The qualifications that make you especially suited for graduate study in Information Assurance Education. Evidence of support from your home institution. Evidence of success in developing new and innovative units of study, courses, and degree programs/specializations. Evidence of need in your locale, vicinity, region. Anything else you want us to know about you. Sign and date the statement.

Application Fee
A nonrefundable fee of $55.00 is required for each application. Waivers are not normally granted. Deferments are never granted.

Unofficial transcripts and photocopies are unacceptable. Please do not send them.

Proof of Tenure-track status at an accredited institution
Submit proof of tenure-track status at an accredited insitution.

Send the following items, in the same envelope if at all possible, to:

Information Assurance Education Graduate Certificate Program Admissions
Purdue University
Department of Computer Technology
Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security
656 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2086
Attn: Lori Floyd

Statement of Purpose Proof of Tenure-track status at an accredited institution Transcripts and evidence of degrees awarded Letters of recommendation (2) Omission of requested information or falsification in the application forms or supporting documents or any determination by a competent authority of academic or other dishonesty will be grounds for denial of admission, revocation of admission, or expulsion from the University.


If you write your e-mail address and a request for confirmation of receipt on a separate sheet of paper, we shall acknowledge receipt via email. We do not ordinarily acknowledge receipt of other items. Since we are unable to respond to large numbers of inquiries, it is important that you include all the materials listed above. If it is necessary for you to inquire about your application, we ask that you use e-mail and make your message as brief and clear as possible. Please do not send duplicate messages. We shall not act on your application until the application fee has been paid. We make no commitment to act on late applications. If we approve your admission, we shall recommend to the Graduate School that you be admitted. You will not be admitted until the Graduate School grants you admission. The Graduate School, however, very rarely rejects our recommendations except for problems with documents. We, therefore, urge you to follow with particular care the instructions relating to transcripts, evidence of degrees awarded, and translations of such documents. If you cannot furnish the required documents, you should not apply. If you accept or decline admission or if you have questions about the official letter of admission from the dean of the Graduate School, direct your correspondence to the department, not to the Graduate School, because the Graduate School will merely forward the correspondence to the department. You can apply to more than one department, but the Graduate School will not admit you to more than one. If you wish to withdraw your application to Technology and apply to another department at Purdue, you may ask us to forward appropriate materials or (at our discretion) copies of them to one other department. You will need to submit a separate Graduate School Application for the other department. We do not return materials. We do not forward materials or send copies outside the University. We deal with applicants directly. We shall not normally answer inquiries from others about your application. We may regard e-mail that does not appear to come from the address you have given us as coming from someone else. If you want to change your e-mail address, write to us from the original address.