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Graduate Certificate in Information Security Policy

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Program Description:

The purpose of the graduate certificate in information security policy is to offer a practitioner-oriented credential in this emerging area to students who are pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree on the West Lafayette campus.

One impetus for this certificate is to offer our students pursuing the Interdisciplinary MS or PhD in Information Security with a recognized credential in information security policy. Because of the growing interest by employers in business and industry, governmental agencies and law enforcement, we also recognize the need for career development for working professionals. With the establishment of the Purdue’s Global Policy Research Institute, this aligns with Purdue’s intent of establishing education programs that offer professional development opportunities for leaders who work on pressing public issues, such as information security.

Target Audience:

The graduate certificate will be open to students from across campus.

This graduate certificate is related to three other graduate certificates that are being planned that have a public policy focus: Systems Engineering Policy, Environmental Policy and Social Policy. The faculty leadership council for the Global Policy Research Institute is the group that has identified these graduate certificates. The respective certificates will have the following common elements.

  1. Each student who obtains the graduate certificate in public policy should have some basic knowledge about policymaking somewhere (i.e., the United States, the European Union, Nigeria, whatever institution, place or context is most important for their field of study). So they ought to have a course that gives them some understanding of the social context of policymaking. The appropriate course for this requirement will depend upon the substantive area of the certificate. For example, students in the Information Security Policy certificate will take Pol 620 Proseminar in Public Policy to meet this requirement, whereas students in the Social Policy certificate might have a different set of options to meet this requirement.
  2. Each student who obtains a graduate certificate in public policy also ought to have a basic understanding of some of the most common tools used in policy analyses, such as statistical analysis, qualitative analyses (such as focus groups and case studies), and cost-‐benefit analysis.

In addition to these common elements, students in these graduate certificates will be expected to have some in-‐depth knowledge of a particular policy area. They should be able to acquire this basic knowledge in a sequence of 3 - 4 graduate courses. See the specific requirements for the information security policy graduate certificate below.

Admission Requirements:

For Interdisciplinary Students

Students who are admitted to the Interdisciplinary MS or PhD Information Security program are eligible to earn a certificate. Admission to the certificate program will require prospective students to apply through a separate application to the Graduate School where they will

  • Complete a new application to Information Security and select as
    • Major: Interdisciplinary Program in Information Security (INSC)
    • Degree Objective: Information Security Policy Graduate Certificate
  • Submit the $75 fee.
  • Most of the documentation for current INSC students is already on hand.
  • Documentation to be added to application.
    • Statement of Purpose
    • most recent Purdue transcript.
  • Complete and submit a GS-18 Dual Program Form (except non-Purdue students applying as Professional) and submit to Marlene Walls, Graduate Co-ordinator.

For Students in Other Majors or Professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree

Students who are in other majors may be eligible to earn the certificate as well, pending approval by the admissions committee for the Interdisciplinary Information Security program. Follow procedure in the list above (See: For Interdisciplinary Students) but submit all of the required documentation.

  • transcripts may be mailed directly to:
    GPRI Information Security Certificate,
    Interdisciplinary Information Security Graduate Co-ordinator
    Purdue University CERIAS
    Recitation Bldg., 656 Oval Drive
    West Lafayette, IN 47906
  • submit the $75 fee.

Completion Requirements:

  1. The graduate certificate in Information Security Policy consists of 15 credit hours. 12 of the 15 credit hours must be taken for a letter grade. The remaining 3 credit hours is a practicum that will be taken pass/fail.
  2. No more than 12 credit hours earned in non-degree status, including credit hours earned toward completion of a single certificate or more than one certificate, may be applied toward a graduate degree.
  3. Courses that have been certified as undergraduate excess may be used to satisfy requirements for a certificate.
  4. Specific course requirements are as follows:
    A. One required Course in the Context of Policymaking: POL 60000 or 62000
    B. One required Course in Policy Analysis Tools: AGEC 60800
    STAT 50200, 51200, 51300
    POL 60500, 60600
    C. Two substantive Courses: ASM 59100A, CNIT 52800, TECH 62100 Technology and Policy
    D. Practicum supervised practical application of previously or concurrently studied theory in the policy making and policy analysis courses to the field of information security. LING 59300 or
    PHIL 54000 or
    TECH 58100
  5. Students must have a GPA of 3.0/4.0 on the required courses to earn the certificate. The minimum grade for any course to be applied toward the certificate is a grade of C.
  6. No more than three credits may be transferred from another institution for the certificate.
  7. No undergraduate-level courses may be used toward the certificate
  8. The maximum time allowed for completion of the certificate will be three years.
  9. Courses may be applied to the certificate that also count toward credit hours required for the student’s MS or PhD in the interdisciplinary program in Information Security.
  10. No more than 9 credit hours can be taken prior to admission to the certificate program that may be counted toward completion of the certificate.

Contact for further information:

GPRI Information Security Certificate,
Marlene Walls, Interdisciplinary Information Security Graduate Co-ordinator
Purdue University CERIAS
Recitation Bldg., 656 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: (765) 494-7805
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