The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security, or CERIAS, is the world's foremost University center for multidisciplinary research and education in areas of information security. Our areas of research include computer, network, and communications security as well as information assurance.

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Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security

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Susan Landau, Stephen Kent, Clint Brooks, Scott Charney, Dorothy E. Denning, Whitfield Diffe, Anthony Lauck, Doug Miller, Peter G. Neumann, David Sobel, Codes, Keys and Confilicts: Issues in U.S. Crypto Policy
Abstract: In this report, the author attempt to remove teh rhetotic, lay bare the facts, and frame teh issues. It examine the issues of communication security from a variety of viewponits: (I) explain the technical consideration of communications security; (II) considers the dual-edged sword cryptography presents to both law enforcment and national security; (III) presents the history of wiretap law in the United States; (IV) puts the current policy on crytopgraphy in the context of decisions over the last twenty years.

Gordon R. Meyer, The Social Organization Of The Computer Underground
Abstract: This paper examines the social organization of the "computer underground" (CU). The CU is composed of actors in three roles, "computer hackers," "phone phreaks," and "software pirates." These roles have frequently been ignored or confused in media and other accounts of CU activity. By utilizing a data set culled from CU channels of communication this paper provides an ethnographic account of computer underground organization. It is concluded that despite the widespread social network of the computer underground, it is organized primarily on the level of colleagues, with only small groups approaching peer relationships.


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